Meet Deirdre!

Deirdre* loves ideas. They're her drug. This may be a hangover from her days in art college, or it may have been what drove her there in the first place. Either way, it's a habit that she has no intention of kicking.

Her favourite ideas are about learning, change, growth and creativity. Put another way, she likes  ideas to be about ideas....

Fortunately, she's found a way to put this to good use.

As Rachel Aniston used to say in the shampoo ad, "Here comes the science bit... Concentrate!"

 Using applied neuroscience techniques, Deirdre helps clients develop what she likes to call  'Advanced Driving Skills' for the brain, thus  improving effectiveness in all areas of life, but especially  areas relating to creativity, the development of new business ventures, or career progression.

As host of the Ambition IncubatorPodcast, she uses the platform to discuss ideas that help entrepreneurs succeed with ....their ideas.

Deirdre is recovering chocoholic, and she tries without success to limit her book purchases. She regularly talks to total strangers.  Don't offer her lettuce. It won't go down well.

An accredited and faculty member of the Association for Professional Coaching, and an EMCC Professional Member,  Deirdre is also a certified neurotransformational coach.
She hosts monthly TED Circles to discuss  "Ideas Worth Sharing". These sessions are open to anyone with a healthy curiousity, and an open mind.

*It's pronounced Dear Dra... you know, like Dear John, but imagine you're writing to someone called Dra.