This is not your typical 'book club'.....

There are some books that deserve a little more attention. A little more depth. A little more digging.
If you want speed-reading and getting through things just to tick them off your list, this is not the club for you.
But if you're interested in self-development, enhancing potential, increasing effectiveness, and meeting great people......well, you're in the right place.

Welcome to The Business Book Club.

This group, along with  the  dynamic, collaborative reading style we use, is the result of years of research and experimentation.
It's a passion project, on many levels, and membership is free to entrepreneurs and professionals who are willing to commit to the process and collaborate with other members of the group to create a positive and progressive experience. 

So, what's available if you join?
Great question! We all want to make the best possible use of our time, right? And there's nothing worse than signing up for something to find it's some glorified sales funnel. I hereby assure you that this is 'exactly what it says on the tin'.... A collaborative space with an innovative approach to personal and professional development, facilitated by a qualified coach, with a passion for this process.
You might have heard the maxim 'Be: Do: Have' as advice to those aspiring to greater things? Well, there's a next level to that:' Be: Do: Have: Share'
That's what this is about. The more we share, the more we receive. And that's not any kind of dreamy, hippy, flowerchild fortune cookie wisdom.
I see this in action day in , day out . And you'll see it here too.

  • Weekly sessions at a variety of times - join the one that suits you best
  • Experienced guided reading
  • Learn from others in the group and discover new perspectives
  • Meet like-minded, progressive peers
  • Private  communtity platform to connect and discuss between sessions
  • Invaluable insights and opportunities for self-development
  • Tried and tested business wisdom and advice
  • Find motivation and community to keep you on track

What They Say:

"I have been reading with Deirdre from October 2019. I have found the group very helpful to keep me focused, and consistent with my business development. Our group is a very important point of contact for me, with like-minded people to propel you in the right direction. If you have a particular conundrum, Deirdre is fantastic at seeing all points of view, and also helps break down any negativity you might subconsciously have.  Deirdre has many interesting techniques and exercises that help you see things differently, and more clearly. I would thoroughly recommend reading with Deirdre. 100% an excellent motivator."  Shauna Thompson

"Deirdre is the ultimate professional, had such an insightful experience ," Ivy Baretto

I"’ve been a part of your book clubs and absolutely loved it! Please tell me more about when you’re meeting. Masterminds have proven to be extremely powerful in quantum manifesting, this book club is a great idea." Robert Cavaliere


  • Do I have to read to the group? No. Typically, Deirdre will do the reading in order to facilitate the discussion, and ensure that points of interest are covered appropriately
  • How long are sessions and how many  pages do you cover?  That very much depends on the section of the book we 're reading and the discussion around it. No two sessions are the same, but we will keep to a hour on the clock, to respect everyone's time, and we should get through anything from 2-20 pages. 
  • How many people will be in the group?  Based on past experience, in  order to maintain a level of depth and ensure that members can participate fully,  I anticipate up to  20 people  can join each session. We will monitor this this as we go. 
  • Who's this group for? This group is designed for entrepreneurs and professionals who are commited to their development. 
  • What if I can't make a session?  Regular (weekly) participation is encouraged to get the most from this process. There will be opportunities to join sessions at different times to help with scheuling regular attendance for busy lives! 
  • Why is this free? Because it's so much fun , and I love doing it!!
  • What will we be reading?  Details and links will be e.mailed to you as we proceed, but our jumping off point is Napoleon Hill's classic, Think and Grow Rich.  If you've read it before, even better - this reading form is going to expand your  experience of this beloved text. 
  • How long will it take to finish the book?  Based on experience, it can take approximately 6 months of weekly sessions to read a book in this style. Like I said...not for speed readers! 
  • Will this always  be free? I have no plans to make the Business Book  Club a paid offer. Passion projects, eh!