Ep# 55 From Start-Up to Grown-Up with Alisa Cohn

Entrepreneur? Founder? Spend 20 minutes with the world's no.1 start-up coach as we talk about how to become the leader your business needs.

Look, I’m not afraid to say it, I was more than a little excited to have the opportunity to speak to Alisa Cohn about her award winning book, From Start-up to Grown Up.

Alisa is the undisputed first-lady of start-up coaching, being named the top start up coach in the world by Marshall Goldsmith. And she’s also the prime minister of tough love….but I don’t think there’s been an official award for that.

But as we look at the roadbumps that founders hit, you’ll see why that’s every bit as important as the caring side of her coaching.

And it’s clear that Alisa does care. And she cares enough to be a truth teller. So, it’s worth listening to what she’s got to say. We’re going to talk about her book, From Start-Up to Grown-Up, and the practical, experience-led advice it contains. If you don’t have a copy already, take it from me, you absolutely should. And you should probably have a back up copy too, just for good measure.

While you wait for it to arrive, check out some of Alisa's other work and channels, and don't forget to download the bonus 5 scripts she's included for you! 

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisacohn/

Website: http://www.alisacohn.com

From Start-Up to Grown-Up Book Link: https://www.amazon.com/Start-Up-Grown-Up-Grow-Leadership-Business/dp/1398601403
5 Scripts PDF Download: http://alisacohn.com/5scripts

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