Ep #71 Personal Growth - Literal and Figurative, with Author Ann Hince

Ann Hince talks about her incredible healing journey, using the non-invasive, non-medical technique known as EFT or tapping - and growing half an inch

What does it mean to feel your feelings? Ann Hince, author of Pathway to Insight, shared her story with me recently, and it’s one that a lot of people will no doubt find interesting. Ann experienced a life changing trauma in her teens, when she found her mother dead. Like so many people, she didn’t fully process this grief.

We pick up the story as Ann reveals what first made her wonder if her experience was normal, what prompted her to think about finding help, why she doesnt’ rate positive thinking, and where the recovery journey took her.

Ann discovered the technique known as ‘tapping’. You may be aware that it’s been around for a while, but it’s really only coming into its own now in terms of research to back up the claims of practitioners, and there are still many questions over how it actually works - but little doubt left that it does.

Tapping, or EFT to give it it’s other name, has been used extensively to treat PTSD and research has shown it to be more effective at treating trauma than other popular alternatives.

Ann Hince is a professional speaker, author & spiritual teacher. Shewas born in Cornwall in England and has lived in Barbados, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong and Bahrain. With a BSc in Computer Science, Ann moved to Silicon Valley in California and worked as a software engineer and project manager. While raising her two boys, Ann started, and ran, a natural foods buying club which has since changed hands and morphed into what is now the Jamestown Heritage Marketplace, in Jamestown, California. Ann is married to an engineer (also from England), and has two sons. She lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California.

Ann's book, 'A Pathway to Insight' is available on Amazon.
She also has a Youtube Channel and is on Facebook.

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