Ep#67: Meeting Trauma Survivors Where They're At, with TRY Global Founder Brenda Hershey

Brenda Hershey is in Kurdistan, helping survivors of trauma and conflict to heal using Trauma Recovery Yoga. She tells us how it works, on the ground.

You know, I don't overuse the word 'blessed', but there are times when I look at the people I get to meet as I record this podcast, and I know it's true. 

Brenda Hershey joined me from Kurdistan, where she's working with survivors of conflict and trauma, helping them to heal from their experiences using Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY). 

Not only that, but she's training people to do the same on the ground in Ukraine to help those affected by the war there right now. 

You know, when we think of action heroes, it's all got a comic book feel to it - exaggerated and not quite of this world. But I put it to you that Brenda and her colleagues are a far better representation the action hero than the fictional characters we associate with the term. 

Brenda Hershey is an author, researcher, international humanitarian and TRY Global's President & Founder. Having been working in the humanitarian field for several years in the Middle East, Brenda is passionate about integrating the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) method into traditional humanitarian efforts because she knows firsthand that these tools are, in fact, life-changing. Her mission is to help people (re)connect mind and body, which she pursues through her work with TRY; its mission being to use neuroscience and yoga to create healing worldwide.

Please visit Brenda's website to find out more about what she's doing and how her techniques can help all of us, as well as opportunities to train in this simple and effective modality. 

Find out more about Brenda's work with TRY Global at her website: https://www.tryglobal.org/ukra... Global's Crisis Response Team will be in Lviv, Ukraine this summer to train up to 60 Ukrainians to become certified Trauma Recovery Yoga instructors. With Lviv considered a safe haven for displaced folks from the East, they'll also be providing community classes to these individuals.
You'll also find information on the specifics of Trauma Recovery Yoga, as well as details of how to become a TRY trainer on the site.

You can also visit Brenda's own website https://www.brendahershey.com/