Ep#65 With Brenden Kumarasamy - MasterTalk

An impressive communicator, who is surprising on a number of levels, Brenden Kumarasamy, on generational issues in communication, and getting stuck in

I meet a lot of interesting people through this show. And I have to say, Brenden Kumarasamy will probably stand out in my mind for quite a while. 

Not only is he one of the youngest guests I've interviewed, he's also a communicator with skills and insights into his craft that seem beyond his years.

This is the line from his speaker bio that made me decide I wanted to talk to him: 

"I believe the next Elon Musk is a 7 year old girl who can't afford a communication coach, so it's my duty to help her succeed with my free resources."

As the creator of the MasterTalk youtube channel, Brenden has an audience that is approaching 25,000 subscribers, and I'm only surprised that the number isn't higher. 

And if you want more, Brenden hosts free 90 minute training on effective communication over Zoom every few weeks. It's LIVE and interactive, it is not a webinar, and coaches people for free on the call directly. Here are some topics he covers:

1. How to Present Succinctly

2. How to Run Effective Meetings

3. How to Master Presentation Confidence

4. How to Present Yourself Effectively in Any Setting

I'll def be signing up! Maybe see you there! 

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