Ep #52 Why You Should Tell Stories Instead of Speaking, Featuring Britta Wenske

TEDx Speaking Coach, Britta Seeger Wenske shares her insights on public speaking, the fear that it brings, and how to connect with your audience.

I've known Britta Wenske for a while now, and talking to her about her specialism, public speaking, always leaves me inspired by her insight and passion for this medium. But Britta doesn't just see public speaking as something for the big stage - it's part and parcel of our business from the ground up. 

One of the things that we cover in this conversation is the relevance of practise to our speaking ability and confidence. And this is one of the things that I've seen both in myself and others - a starting mindset of I should be better than I am on day 1. But this is crazy, right? What makes us think this is the case? 

I absolutely believe that the eye-opening that we get from watching a pro at work, and seeing the leg-work that goes into creating this effortless thing. And that should very much give us hope and confidence that if we're willing to put the work in, then we'll also have results to be proud of. 

We also dig into some of the flawed thinking that we subject ourselves to as speakers. 

BTW - there were no second takes on this episode... as you can probably tell ;) But hey. It's a podcast conversation. The objective is to find out some interesting stuff, not to tie ourselves in knots as we try to be word-perfect. If there was ever an example of having fun with communicating, talking to Britta is it :) 

Britta is currently offering a detailed audit of your current communication style, or you can join her Facebook group.

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