Ep#56 Creative PRO Claire Tchaikowski

Entrepreneur, professional musician, founder of Human Milk, and passionate collaborator, Claire Tchaikowski talks about creativity and more.

The thing about creativity is that on the outside, it can look very much like there's no connection between all the things that the creative involved has turned their hand to.

But when you start to dig in, you often find that there is a very strong theme, and patterns relating to the way the person works also emerge. 

For Claire Tchaikowski, the working pattern is collaboration and co-creating. And the theme is what it means to be female. This theme has cropped up in her music, and her current work as founder and CEO of Human Milk, the global movement that helps to facilitate and promote understanding of breastfeeding. 

Human Milk is a Community Interest Company and an award winning non-profit organisation. Claire's passion for the Arts is baked into the fabric of the intiative.  Aiming to make the science of human milk and breastfeeding accessible to all Claire and her team work directly with parents via social media and conferences, and indirectly with governments, organisations and individuals who use our multi-media materials for training and education in 35+ countries.

Visit  Human Milk Clothing & Accessories brand 

Human Milk website

Claire's music site. 

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