Fighter Pilot Wisdom for Entrepreneurs

Jet fighter pilot, Dom 'Slice' Teich shares how he used lessons from his flight career to create success as an entrepreneur.

Dom “Slice” Teich brings his fighter pilot background and applies them to guide pilots, athletes, business owners, and students with afterburner techniques that American fighter pilots use to ensure mission completion. As an Amazon best-selling author, business owner, entrepreneur, civilian and military instructor pilot, he knows that busy individuals and teams struggle with information overload.

Since 2002, “Slice” has guided hundreds of students toward their goals. His blueprint is called Single Seat Mindset; an impactful group of 40+ fighter pilot guides with a combined experience of 700+ years. They share proven formulas and life advice to the insider circle community to ensure success and big goal achievement all while avoiding overwhelm, overload, and flameout. They dive deep into the productivity world to provide guidance through short, impactful steps.

During this episode, we discuss the difference between the perception of a solo operator in a single seat fighter jet, versus the reality of the tight-knit teams that make such operations possible, and how this relates to building a business.
We discuss the importance of debriefing on any action or set of actions, and we also delve into motivation - and why we need to carefully analyse notions of success.

To follow Dom, or find out more about his work, check out his links: powerful stories, life advice, and strategies from 20 of America's elite fighter pilots in this action packed book!

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