Ep #61: Squirrel! Does Distraction Have a Function?

Those of us who know the pain of being easily distracted might put it down to a character flaw, but what if we dig deeper, to see what's going on?

If you're anything like me, or if you work with anyone like me, you'll recognise the sharp right a conversation takes when the brain senses a distraction. 

Today, I'm thinking about this in a slightly different way. And you might decide that it's my personal justification for not being able to stay on topic, or you might decide that there's actually something in this, and start looking at the phenomenon with new eyes. 

Either way, I'll be heading into some interesting territory, so what's the worst that could happen?

Also, the book I mentioned is 'Seeing What Others Don't' by Gary Klein, and it'll be the first of our discussion texts over at the NeuroDevelopment Institute. Your're welcome to grab yourself a copy and join us! More details available here. 

Categories: : applied neuroscience, brain aware, personal development, solopreneur, start a business