Ep#62 Cracking the Vault - crafting a perfect affirmation

Love affirmations? Load of hooey? Either way, chances are you could up your game with three simple rules.

You know, there are a few other things that I really do need to add for this episode, but it would have run too long. 

We did talk a little about when affirmations go bad, but I shoudl maybe have specified that this episode is working on the assumption that you're already heading in a direction that you want to go. 

This is where the 'tricky' brain falls down for a lot of people. Because we're pretty sure we know what we want, but my experience in coaching tells me that's not always the case. 

For instance, take the example of a client who wanted to make more progress with his start-up. Well, great, but when we dug into the issues around his procrastination, it turned out he had serious reservations about the whole enterprise - so no amount of perfect affirmating (yeah, I know that's not a word... ) was gonna get him over the line with that one. Far better to examine why he didn't want that, and then honour what he did want. 

Bonus points for anyone who can spot my fluff-up in this episode... OR maybe I meant it... but.... Did I? ....Did I...or did I? ;)

Here's the link for the reading group btw.