Ep#78 - Neuroscience for 21st Century Citizens with Dr Ginger Campbell, MD

Discussing developments in neuroscience, and their importance for daily life with Dr Ginger Campbell, host of the long-running Brain Science Podcast.

Today’s guest is a physician and veteran podcaster, with a passion for neuroscience. Dr. Ginger Campbell has been podcasting on Brain Science for 15 years and has created more than 200 episodes of her monthly show.

We touch on several key topics, including the critical developments that she has seen over the years, why consciousness is such a hot potato, how scientific literacy levels impact our overall progress, and what she means when she says that she believes in having a basic grasp of neuroscience is essential to being a citizen of the 21st century.

Find out more about Dr Campbell's work by heading over to her website, where you can access episodes of her podcast, and some very interesting resources. 

Categories: : neuroscience