The Ambition Incubator Podcast Takes Silver at The Irish Podcast Awards

A great night, and a great honour, as The Ambition Incubator Podcast holds its own in a room full of podcasting stars.

Genuinely thrilled to bits to have taken a Silver award at the inaugural Irish Podcast Awards in Dublin. 

The awards brought together the very best of Irish Podcasting, from north and south of the border, and boy did they bring the good vibes. 

Honestly, the vitality, creativity, and collaborative energy in the room was the most refreshing thing I've seen in ages. It's almost as though... when you give creative people the space to create without having to compete for it.... they blossom. Whoda thunk, right? 

I learned a lot about podcasting just by being there, and I'd be incredibly happy to go back again. Great night, great organisation and great ideas all round. 

Photos by Andres Poveda.... And then this one by my sister, Sinead :) 

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