Ep#53 What's Your Talent Strategy (and why you need one) with Jen Thornton, CEO 304 Coaching,

An episode discussing an often overlooked cornerstone of start-up strategy - talent - what kind of people do you need, & their role in your success.

In the time I've known Jen Thornton, had a number of great conversations. And in all of them, the things that consistently come across are Jen's professionalism, her vast experience, and her passion for learning - both as a learner herself, and as a creator of learning opportunities. 

Jen lights up when she talks about creating ways to help people develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding, and it's clear that this, combined with her extensive toolkit, is what makes her such a trusted ally when companies want to find a  'perfect fit' hiring process.

In this episode, we talk about why a talent strategy is so important for business success. As we explore the topic of talent, we also dive into things like why trust and curiosity have a role to play in building an effective team, why powerplays are fear-based tactics, and why being right is an addiction that we need to nip in the bud.

Jen provides some amazing resources that you can tap into by visiting

Website: 304coaching.com

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She's also created some bonuses that you can download!

  • How to Trade Fear for Innovation - Link
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership - Link

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