EP#48: CREATIVE PRO: The Purple Pen, The Golden Thread, and Goats, with Author Jill R Stevens

A hugely successful ghostwriter, Jill R Stevens has finally written her first book in her own name. We talk about creativity, deadlines... and goats!

Omg... What an awesome - and strange! -  experience it was to record this episode with Jill R. Stevens. 

Although you probably won't have heard her name, you may well have read her books. Jill is what's known as a ghost writer. She collaborates with others - often famous individuals - to tell their stories. 

But Jill  - who had her first work published (illicitly) when she was 17, has finally written a book that people will see her name on. 

In this episode, we talk about being creative over a long career, the differences in being creative on your own behalf, or on behalf of clients, and what goats can do for your creativity. 

Jill's book 'Create Your Most Delicious Life', is both a practical guide to doing what brings joy to your life, and a call for others to step up to their creativity. 

You can follow Jill on Instagram at @iamthejoyfulwriter and discover more about Jill, her offerings or purchase a copy of her new book at www.TheJOYfulWriter.com.

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