New Podcast Episode: The Recovering Capitalist

A conversation with Justin Caffrey, former high-flyer in the world of finance, and current personal development thought leader.

We had a plan. There is no doubt about it, Justin and I made a plan for all the things that we were going to talk about during the recording of our episode. Do you know how much of that list we managed to cover off? None. But that doesn't mean it was a wash out. 

Far from it. 

This was one of the most intersting discussions I've had on the show to date. 

Justin, for those of you who don't know him, is a recognised thought leader in the field of personal development. His journey has taken in the world of high finance, and top level business projects, the depths of grief when he lost his infant son, and self-rediscovery through practices both ancient and timeless. 

This is a man who describes himself as a 'recovering capitalist', and the metaphor continues when he describes the temptations of getting back into the world of business as akin to 'shooting heroin'. 

This is a classic hero's journey, and in it we glimpse the transformation that becomes possible, even within grief and tragedy. 

Describing himself as a 'recovering capitalist', Justin lists among his achievements

 - building and selling regulated companies with seven figure exits.

 - Certified Investment Fund / Hedge Fund Director and Private Equity Professional

 - Masters in Mindfulness-Based Interventions from the prestigious University College Dublin.

 - All Ireland All Star Thought Leader in Personal Development in 2019 & 2020.  

You can find out more about Justin's work here.

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