Ep#70 Are You Open To Something Better, with Merit Kahn

Merit Kahn believes that you should stop selling, start geting selected, and that one little question is the key to it all.

What are you open to? Are you open to learning that the thing you dread - which for a lot of people is selling their services or products - isn’t what you thought it was? Do you, by any chance, treat selling as an ‘evil concept’?

You know, the thing is, when you meet someone who's genuinely a nice person, and good at what they do - especially if it is sales - it helps us to question our perceptions. 

That's why I enjoyed my conversation with Merit Kahn so much. 

Mindset, mechanics and motion are the three pillars of Merit Kahn’s approach to selling. Mindset, being what you think, mechanics is the way you present your offer, and motion is what you do, and how consistently you do it.

We talk about the challenges that new businesses face as they stare at the paradoxical wisdom that they need to narrow their focus to expand their business, but Merit advises going along for the white knuckle ride and finding those very specific clients and then super serving them.

We talk about when the right time is to ask for referrals. As well as when the time is right to do many other things with our life balance as it is currently. And that’s what gives sales people a bad name - the pushy money only ones.

So, I'd love to hear your thoughts on sales - is it something you're comfortable with? What are your pillars?

If you want to find out more about Merit's work, you can do that by heading to https://meritkahn.com/podcast/ and downloading her Open For Business Framework pdf, and some other great free resources. 

You can also hit her up on all the social channels. 



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