Raquel Queral: On Building an Industry Disrupting Property Business And Saving the Planet.

Raquel Queral arrived in the UK, with £1000 in her pocket, and a supply of ham & cheese. She built a property biz, and raised £12 million in funding.

Raquel Queral is a dynamo of a woman. I've met many people in various online networking scenarios, and a percentage of them instantly become collaborators and go-to advisors. 

Raquel is one of those people. 

In this episode, she tells us how a misunderstanding led to her arriving in the UK at the wrong time to join her study programme. She describes how she went from taking the first job she could get, as a toilet cleaner in McDonald's, to working with high net worth individuals to create a new kind of property revolution - one that's not just changing the world, but going some way towards saving it. 

Raquel's passion is creating sustainable properties - but not always from scratch. Those drafty old Victorian houses that line the streets of many UK towns and cities, can also be made far more efficient, and sometimes with very little outlay. 

Check out this episode to hear about the journey from ham and cheese to industry disruptor, and some things we should all know to reduce our fuel consumption, and therefore, bills. 

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