Ep#86 - Discipline, Disruption & Daily Routines, with Rebecca Hartnell.

Rebecca Hartnell rarely has a highly intuitive approach to the world, and rarely minces her words. We talk about workplaces, culture, boundaries.

We are all looking at the same picture, just through different keyholes. Regular listeners will probably have noticed that I love to talk to people who can shed more light on the picture, by letting us see it the way they do. I’m speaking to the ‘disruptive and provocative’ Rebecca Hartnell today, and we open the conversation with some insights into the discipline of avoiding burn-out, and then ventures down the path of intuitive understanding, metaphors of divine masculine and feminine, how that reflects the cultures we see in the workplace, ANNND can be used to make necessary changes. We also look at completion, and the role of celebration as part of that cycle. All in all, if you’re looking for food for thought, you’ve come to the right place!

Rebecca Hartnell, founder of two businesses - the Daemon Career Coach & The Divine Feminine, explores the innate wisdom we already hold in our bodies, emotions, and intuition that can enable each of us to make wise decisions in leadership, life & business.

To get in touch with Rebecca, you can visit her website, find her on LinkedIn, or check out her instagram.

Categories: : burnout, work-life balance, mental health, self-care, daily routine, workplace culture