Ep#57 Steve Fredlund

Talking to Steve Fredlund of Small Small Business, about leadership and business advice for micro businesses and non profits

Steve Fredlund is passionate about his work with small businesses and non-profits. This just spills out of him as he talks about it. But he's put his money where his mouth is in support of the organisations that he sees as the heart of a commuity with his Prove It initiative.

Steve has worked with large corporations (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M) in functions such as actuarial, capital markets hedging, and workforce analytics. He has an MBA, a degree in mathematics, fellowship with the Society of Actuaries (FSA), and certification in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). He has also spent 20 years in nonprofit leadership, including service on six boards and 11 years as volunteer Executive Director doing humanitarian work in Rwanda.
In recent years, Steve has focused on helping owners of small businesses optimize their results by guiding them toward the clear vision, aligned strategies, and effective execution.

Visit Steve Fredlund's Small Small Business website for more information about his services and the Prove It initiative.

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