Brain Science Basics Everyone Should Know

Joining the Dots between Mind, Body and Consciousness, with Key Concepts from Neuroscience.

Course Summary

Brains. We all have one, but very few of us know how they work. This leads to all kinds of difficulties, holdups and misunderstandings in all areas of life. In this 4 part programme, you'll discover some simple tools and techniques based on neuroscience that will change how you see yourself, the world and everyone in it.

This programme is ideal if you've ever wondered
 - why people do certain things,
 - why some things   drive you crazy
 - why people stay stuck in patterns that are bad for them
 - why it's really hard to break habits, and sometimes as hard to make new ones
 - where all the internal chatter and self-criticism comes from

 Imagine being able to get behind the curtain there and start to see what’s really been going on your entire life!  

Imagine discovering tools and techniques that make it easier to understand yourself and the people around you.

Imagine being more empathetic, AND having clearer boundaries.

Imagine having greater clarity and motivation AND more life balance.  

All these things start to become possible when we understand how our brains work and why they do the things they do. 

  • Module 1: Creating Change; Creating the Conditions for Change
  • Module 2: The Inner Critics Are Here... But where are the Inner Cheerleaders?
  • Module 3: About the Brain - What it does and How it Does It.
  • Module 4: The Interplay of Consciousness, Effectiveness and Awareness

If you're ready to join the adventure and uncover some of things that your brain is doing, and why, click below to register! 

Deirdre Morrison

Deirdre Morrison is a certified applied neuroscience practitioner, an accredited coach, a faculty member of the Association for Professional Coaching, co-founder of the NeuroDevelopment Institute, and award-winning host of The Ambition Incubator Podcast.  She delivers applied neuroscience-based facilitation and coaching for professionals at NeuroCreative.Studio.  

Deirdre is an advocate for educational choice, creativity, and life-long learning. Her interests are wide and varied, and her experience draws on a career in creative businesses, communications as well as almost two decades of successful entrepreneurship. Her hobbies include kendo, road cycling, and a rather alarming book habit. 

You can connect with Deirdre on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and keep an on her blog posts for insights related to her work. 

Kate Gormley

Communications Professional

Deirdre's ability to explain some of my psychological processes and reactions in terms of hard science made them easier to come to terms with, and therefore address. This is not 'girly talking about your problems' but proper grown-up problem solving for intelligent achievers, facilitated by an intelligent achiever! Highly recommended.

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  • Brain Science Basics Everyone Should Know
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    Bite-Sized Brain Science - 4 weeks of transformative concepts and tools from the field of neuroscience

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  • 4 bite-sized video modules to watch and rewatch when it suits you.
  • 4 Live Q&A sessions to deep dive and share progress and A-Ha! moments
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