Golden Hour

Time to Make it Happen.

What Is Golden Hour?

Golden Hour is regular, virtual co-working time, dedicated to taking your business to the next level. These sessions to create consistency and accountability,  and create positive compounding effects on your business goals.

  • Early and Late sessions. Choose the one that suits you best, or attend both! 
  • Build your consistency
  • Affordable accountability - invaluable asset. 
  • State your goal for the session, and report your progress / next steps at the end. 
  • Facilitated Sessions 
  • Create structure and maximise your time
  • Preparation advice
  • Experience the positives of peer working groups
  • Monthly membership. - no tie-ins. 

PLUS! 15 Min Mastermind Bonus!

Got something that's sticking your progress?
Join the 15 minute mastermind after any session.
Get the collective intelligence working for you when you need it!

Golden Hour is for anyone who wants to spend more focused time on their business, but struggles with consistency, or lack of accountability. It is ideal for
 - solopreneurs
 - coaches
 - service providers
 - anyone wanting to start a business

In this Beta phase, there are two sessions available. Choose from: (UK time)
 - 6.30 am on each Tuesday morning  if you're an early bird
 - 9.30 pm on Wednesday night if you're a night owl
You are also welcome to attend both sessions each week. 

Golden Hour costs a whopping £4.00 per MONTH (approx 50p per session!) for APC Members, and £6.00 per month for non-members. Attend as many sessions as you like for this great price! 

Each week, during the beta trial, there will be 2 sessions - one at 6.30am on Tuesday morning, and one at 9.30pm on Wednesday night. That's approximately 8 sessions per month, and you can attend as many as you like. For the sake of consistency, at least 1 per week is recommended. 

Beta group members who keep their Golden Hour Membership current / paid up to date will keep this amazingly low price, even if the price goes up, or if more sessions are added to the weekly menu. 

Payments are monthly, and you can cancel at any time, but because of the micro-payment nature of the membership, refunds will not be offered. 

Sessions are run on Zoom. The room is open approximately 5 minutes before the session so everyone can get set up to start on time. As you arrive, you will be prompted to state your goal for the hour. Video on, Mic off is the protocol for these sessions. Each session is broken into 3 segments, to help with building focus.
Session 1 lasts 20 mins. Then there is a opportunity to take a five minute break if that helps you. If not, you are welcome to work through. This process runs twice, bringing us up to 50 minutes.
At 50 mins, you will be notified that we are into the final sprint, and you wrap up your work.
Before finishing, everyone is invited to share their progress, even if it's not complete, and share their next steps. 

Yes, there  additional support for members:
 - a dedicated, private chat thread available to members who want to share wins or challenges between sessions.  
 - an app version so you can keep all your Golden Hour tools and info on your mobile device
 - additional tools and resources to help you make the most of Golden Hour, including hints, tips, applied neuroscience know-how and suggested reading. 

No, it's not. It's a membership, but the website comes with the word course pre-installed at various points, and I can't get rid of it! Having said that, if you dive into this, and commit to building a great habit, it is a learning process in itself :) 

Deirdre Morrison

Deirdre is the host of The Ambition Incubator Podcast, founder of the NeuroDevelopment Institute, and delivers applied neuroscience-based facilitation and coaching for professionals at NeuroCreative.Studio.  

Deirdre is an advocate for educational choice and life-long learning,  and has two kids on an alternative education path. Her interests are wide and varied, and her experience draws on a career in communications as well as almost two decades of successful entrepreneurship. She regularly talks to total strangers, has a rather alarming book habit, and is not fond of lettuce. 

You can connect with Deirdre on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out for her articles appearing in Brainz Magazine. 

What Clients Say

S Thomson

Salon Owner

I have found the group very helpful to keep me focused, and consistent with my business development. Our group is a very important point of contact for me, with like-minded people to propel you in the right direction. If you have a particular conundrum, Deirdre is fantastic at seeing all points of view, and also helps break down any negativity you might subconsciously have.  Deirdre has many interesting techniques and exercises that help you see things differently, and more clearly. 100% an excellent motivator. 

K Gormley

Communications Manager

Grown-up problem solving for intelligent achievers, facilitated by an intelligent achiever! Highly recommended.

P Smit


I wholeheartedly recommend Deirdre as her service is impeccable, high standard professional, super valuable!

R Cavaliere

Post-preganacy Nutrition Coach. 

I had such a profound takeaway  that it completely changed my perspective on what I was doing. I feel inspired, creative, and motivated!

Course Pricing

  • Golden Hour PAYG Monthly
  • £6.5

    per month

    Virtual Co-Working

    Join Now
  • 3 Facilitated Virtual Co-Working Sessions per week
  • Private Facebook Community & Distraction-Free Off Social Media Platform
  • Resources and information to help you get the most from your work time
  • Enhanced Focus and Accountability
  • 15 Minute Mastermind after each session - get input and ideas from peers