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Curated Conversations about Big Ideas!

About These Events

TED Circles is all about having conversations about big ideas that matter. It's a great way to meet new and interesting people,
and explore important topics through multiple perspectives.

LIVE: These events are live - no replays! Be there or be square.... or in this case, be Circles!
FREE: There is no charge for these events!
IDEAS NOT IDEOLOGIES: This is a place to let your curiosity come out to play!

Signing up will  mean that you'll be informed of the monthly conversations that are coming up, and also get access to other resources to go with the series, including our dedicated chat board, free from all the usual social media distractions!

 Please note that due to the nature of the events, seats are limited, so I absolutely recommend signing up!

You will  not get unrelated e.mails unless you specifically request them.
(Actually.... I don't really send a lot of e.mails. Life's too short. Shhh. Don't tell anyone ;) )

These events do not have key speakers or special guests. We're all there as equals.
It is a collaborative environment, where ideas come together, and we all leave with a little bit better.
I can't wait to explore the possibilities with you!

Deirdre Morrison

Deirdre is the host of The Ambition Incubator Podcast, founder of the NeuroDevelopment Institute, and delivers applied neuroscience-based facilitation and coaching for professionals at NeuroCreative.Studio.  

Deirdre is an advocate for educational choice and life-long learning,  and has two kids on an alternative education path. Her interests are wide and varied, and her experience draws on a career in communications as well as almost two decades of successful entrepreneurship. She regularly talks to total strangers, has a rather alarming book habit, and is not fond of lettuce. 

You can connect with Deirdre on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and keep an eye out for her articles appearing in Brainz Magazine. 

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  • Free Monthly Events
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  • Awesome topics
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